Need Shadow Clone Jutsu


Today is my second day in CTC Site, migrating Office 365 Emails.  Things are getting bad, the computers and the internet connection are not cooperating.  The are lot’s of problem I’ve encountered.  I was doing this task last 2 weeks in Safami, but things go smooth there.  I dont know what happened here in CTC, they infrastructure sucks.  Anyway no room for excuses, i need to get the job done.  I need shadow clone jutsu right now, because to many pending task is in the queue.  All those task are urgently needs to be done right away.  I hope i have this ability to designate myself into different sites.  3 clone in CTC, 2 clone in NCC, 1 clone in Safami, and the real one is here in the Catering.  I’m very exhausted right now but no room for given up. Just bring it on!!!



Kandila by Wolfgang

I just want to share this music video from my idol Rockband, Wolfgang entitled Kandila.  I like the lyrics, the groove and the music.  I’m listening this band since my childhood days, my big brother influence me this kind of music and i love it till now.  Keep rockin’ Wolfgang your the best.  Don’t forget to visit their webpage Wolfgang Webpage.  Enjoy the video.



About a girl

There’s a girl caught my attention lately.  We are in the same company before, but I dont mind her then because i thought shes a lesbian.  But when i saw her after 2 years, she became a mother and boom shes still beautiful.  We are facebook friends and i like stalking her post and pictures.  I hope we become friends for real in the future.  I want to date this girl, hahaha joke but why not who knows.  I dedicate this song for her.

Dayoff plans

It’s Monday, my only dayoff in one week.  So what do do now? whats the plan? It’s already 12 noon, first i will eat my breakfast and lunch then play a pool for 3 games.  Get some exercise for 30-45 mins, then go back to my room and rest.  Then maybe movie trip for the rest of the afternoon or practicing my bass guitar.  So that’s it for today, see you on my next post. Khalas!!!

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Back on track

Hello blogsphere, wow almost 3 years of hiatus and now i’m back again.  I hope i will be consistent this time around, writing some stuffs in and out.  Last 3 years was a worldwind, there are lot of things happened.  Good and bad, but hellyeah im still here back on track and kicking asses again.  Till next time.  Khalas!!!

Stupidy Strikes

Bakit po ang dami talagang ganito! Gusto kung sumigaw, magmura pero ako pa ang lalabas na masama sa mata ng ibang tao.  Hay nako ang tao nga talaga, kaya po hindi tayo umuusad kasi ang dami pong ganito sa atin.  When stupidy strikes! everything turns into sh*t!!!

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Alvin forced to quit, got owned in Dota.

Had a first one on one match with my office-mate Alvin in Dota.  A single match only-mid game,  he choose Warlord Troll while me got a random pick Clockwerk Goblin.  At first i’m worried because i don’t know how to use my hero, but eventually I’d managed to use my hero and got my first kill and a first blood for Alvin.  I know I’ve got the upper-hand so i didn’t waste any time, I’d hunt and kill his hero up until he decide to quit the game.  Too bad for him! hehehe.